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Darkscope Watchtower

Redefining the cyber intelligence landscape

The Cyber Watchtower aggregates millions of threat indicators in real-time to identify new attacks, discover existing breaches, and enable security teams to quickly understand and contain threats. The key differentiator for the Cyber Watchtower is DANN (Darkscope Artificial Neural Network), a combination of highly accurate AI models and algorithms that assigns scores to indicators of compromise so security teams can prioritize mitigation tasks. The Cyber Watchtower also allows for integration with many popular SIEMs and orchestration platforms.

  • High-risk users monitoring
  • Breached user account detection (passive)
  • Web service monitoring
  • SSL & DNS configuration errors
  • Domains & subdomains scanning
  • Domain permutation monitoring
  • Products & Services monitoring
  • External network connections monitoring
  • Vulnerability scanning of external connections and services
  • Exploit detection and alerting
  • Social media monitoring with sentiment detection
  • User-generated content platform monitoring (e.g. 9Gag, 4Chan, Reddit)
  • Cyber Threat campaigns against industries
  • Darkweb forums, chats and marketplaces monitoring
  • Telegram & Signal groups monitoring
  • APT campaign montitoring
  • Partner & supplier monitoring
  • Cyber Interference Risk Score
  • Global cyberthreat scoring

Unlike other cyber intelligence firms, we provide all our customers with a security expert that continuously monitors our clients attack surface, Ensuring that you don't get continually bombarded with false positives and the information we provide you is accurate and relevant. 

In contrast to many other so-called dark web intelligence providers that use OSINT and only aggregate data, Darkscope has developed a human-like search technology that works in the deep web, on social media and in the darkweb. By combining the capabilities of different types of AI, Darkscope has built a virtual person that can engage in chats, respond to forum entries, and receive emails. We call these Seekers. They have names, profiles, and personalities so they can engage in cyberspace. On their own, Seekers can’t deliver the information that we want from cyberspace. To cover the +200,000,000 darkweb pages that Darkscope scans each week on behalf of our clients, we pair a Seeker with a SearchDrone, like a rider on a horse.

Fixing Cyber Security

Your Industry is spending more and losing more

The current state of cybersecurity is deeply flawed. The industry has made critical errors in its approach, leading to a situation where despite increased investments, we continue to experience escalating losses. The prevailing strategy of relying on bolted-on solutions and reactive measures, essentially chasing after cyber threats, has proven to be ineffective and unsustainable. To address the pressing issues in cybersecurity, a fundamental shift in strategy and a move towards a more comprehensive and proactive approach are urgently required.

Cyber security spending on service providers by 2025
$ 0 + Billion
Cybercrime Costs of attacks by 2025
$ 0 + Trillion
Small to Medium enterprises increasing security spend
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